Approach for Holistic Learning

Sukh Sagar Parks

Project Began

May 01, 2021

Project Completion

Sept 30, 2024

Total Playgrounds to be built

School playgrounds are known to be a place of fun and excitement. Actually, fun and exercise are not the only benefits a playground can offer. Equipment teaches children different abilities and improves coordination and motor skills, cognitive skills, social judgment, decision making, language and more.
In rural villages of India, kids’ playgrounds are very rare and something that is a privilege in a country like India. SAF International is heavily involved in the education of children so a project like Sukh Sagar Parks was to be expected.

Completed Parks

Pamal (Ludhiana)
Mirpur Lakha (Nawansahar)
Fauji Colony (Kapurthale)

Underway projects

Sherpur Dona (Kapurthale)
Khatkar Kalan