Smarter India

An ongoing effort to improve the level of education within Punjab by providing rural government primary schools with access to modern technology.

Program Date: 2018-11-15 to 2020-01-07

Total Smart Classes Installed: 96

Total Children Benefited: 14,380

Total Budget: 22 Lakh

Securing Equal Opportunities for Underprivileged Students

Public schools within India suffer from inadequate classroom resources. Families that can afford it, choose to send their children to private school. However, with private school fees on the rise, many children are either not attending school or are receiving an inferior level of education, leaving them at a severe disadvantage later in life.

We’re hoping that by investing in new technology we can help improve the quality of education in government-run primary schools. This should lead to a higher rate of children staying in school, and it will give those graduating a fighting chance when they enter the workforce.

Providing Teacher Training and Accessibility to Students of All Abilities

SAF members of staff have helped install all new equipment and trained teachers on how to operate the computers and upload new content for the students. With a digital database to use, teachers can receive supplementary learning material from outside sources, providing an unlimited amount of resources at their fingertips.

For the students with learning disabilities, the computers and tablets will bring an enhanced level of accessibility that will make learning much easier and more enjoyable for them. Furthermore, all students gain much-needed digital skills, which will be vital for post-secondary education and future employment.

Collaborating with Technology Experts

SAF International collaborated with Datawind to provide modern technological resources to schools in over 100 Punjab villages. Datawind has a strong track record having already partnered with NGOs across the world to enhance the education of disadvantaged children in Africa, Asia, and the United States.

In Punjab, Datawind has already begun successfully implementing its technology in classrooms, and with our help, this technology reached the many rural communities of Punjab.