Uplifting children and providing a
way out of poverty.

You can sponsor a child out of poverty

Children in India don’t Attend school
Children are at risk Of acute hunger
Children in India are Engaged in Child Labour.

The beginning of empowerment starts with education.

Educate A Child program is a national initiative of SAF International, an NGO for education that is committed to providing basic education and healthcare to poor children. Since 2014, thousands of children from India have been sponsored by generous donors.

Impact so far

1100 children enrolled in 160 private schools across 9 states 50% of all children are girls.

How does this work?

Donors can sponsor the education of a child for just 1100₹ per month.

When you educate a child, you are not just helping uplift an individual but an entire family get out of poverty. Every year, donors will get Community Updates from the child’s community along with a handwritten card from the child.

Past Projects - Completed

Smarter India

Modern technology in almost 100 government-run primary schools was provided.

Covid-19 Relief

Thousands of food rations were provided to Sikligar Sikh families and the people of Punjab.

Punjab Floods 2019

An emergency relief aid was given to the areas of Nawanshahr and Balachaur.