Serve With Love & Joy

Sikh Organization Supporting Children and Families across India

What We Do


— Education

We work across 200 villages of India, supporting the education of over 1100 children in private schools.

— Sikligar Sikhs Seva

A community of ironsmiths belonging to Guru Gobind Singh jee’s time with a close connection to the Khalsa Panth.

— Sukh Sagar Parks

These unique parks are specially designed like Canada children’s playgrounds. These projects are turning out to be Sangat’s favourite.

— Mata Tripta ji Housing Project

There are millions of people that do not have the ability to construct their own homes. We build homes for single mothers and people living in extreme poverty.

— Adivasi Seva

Also known as the ‘untouchables’, are members of the lowest social group in the Hindu caste system. They are oppressed, neglected and marginalized.

— Gurmat Vidya Kendar

Operating multiple free of cost Gurmat Centers across the country, keeping young Sikh children connected to their roots.

Past Projects

Modern technology in almost 100 government-run primary schools was provided.
Thousands of food rations were provided to Sikligar Sikh families and the people of Punjab.
An emergency relief aid was given to the areas of Nawanshahr and Balachaur.