Shamandeep Singh (Canada)

Born and raised in Punjab, I grew up hearing stories of great Sikh men and women that had selflessly served and sacrificed for others. These stories ignited my passion to follow the path created by my ancestors. The problems in my homeland such as drug addiction, poverty, and abuse of girls and women only strengthened my desire to make a difference. Admittedly, creating my own journey to make a difference has been an overwhelming and humbling experience.

After much contemplation, with Waheguru Ji’s Kirpa, me and my friends started small programs in my family village to work with youth and inspire them to learn and grow. This simple initiative received a great response and was very successful. Children were getting a sense of identity and families that were suffering and forgotten were receiving support. This is when I decided this work must be expanded throughout Punjab.

With Waheguru’s blessings, SAF was created in 2014. Thanks to the support of our generous donors, we have helped connect children to Sikhi, provide security to struggling families, and provide education to countless children. It has been especially heartwarming to see both people born in India and in Canada coming together to help their people in their motherland.

This has been a very difficult but rewarding journey, and I will serve for as long as Waheguru will allow it. For Waheguru, I am the slave of your slaves (SGGS pg. 1168).