Daily Operations

Amar Singh

As a Field Investigator, Amar Singh’s job is an integral part of our organization. Amar Singh’s work is primarily on the ground, where he works to survey and find new cases for SAF to support. He also works on ensuring the gift-giving program, house improvement projects, and medical aid support for families is operating as […]

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Prabhjit Singh

Prabhjit is a necessary overhead because he handles two of our biggest zones in Punjab and coordinates the gift giving program, the house repairs & improvement projects, the medical aid support, and he surveys new cases in the Majha and Malwa regions. Prabhjit’s children were adopted by SAF in 2015, and after learning about Prabhjit’s

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Jagdeep Kaur

Jagdeep Kaur is our receptionist in our India office, and it’s safe to say that our office would not operate smoothly without her! She is responsible for answering phone calls, data entry, filing, reports, among many other tasks. Jagdeep feels blessed to be a part of the SAF team in India. She has a Masters

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Jasmeet Singh

Jasmeet Singh is responsible for the daily bookkeeping and reimbursements to team members. He organizes the documents in order and delivers them to the CA on time. He loves the fact that he gets to help people and save excess funds while bookkeeping here at SAF International. He also works as assistant to the Education

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Gurpreet Kaur

Gurpreet Kaur works as an admin assistant for the education department in our charity. She is responsible for managing the new case files and scanning all documentation for our HQ. Gurpreet Kaur is learning many new things and helps out on many fronts for our education department in India. This is Gurpreet’s first job and

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Gurdeep Singh

Gurdeep Singh came on board in 2020 as an Education Programs Specialist. He is responsible for developing our new bursary education program, as well as our gift-giving program to ensure that all gifts ordered by our donors are delivered on time, data is collected and everything is operating smoothly. He felt a pull to work

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Jatinderpal Singh

Jatinderpal Singh looks after SAF’s financial, HR and other general office systems to make sure everything is running smoothly in our India office. Prior to joining SAF he was running his own financial consulting firm. Working here he has had the opportunity to work in a variety of settings where he feels he is empowered,

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Harjinder Singh

Harjinder Singh’s personality and dedication towards our cause is just unbelievable. He is a necessary overhead because he looks after SAF as a whole throughout India. Harjinder overlooks all new projects and makes sure that all the existing programs are running smoothly. He is tasked with resolving issues at all levels and he participates in

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